Month: March 2019

Australian Businesses and Services-An Info

Australia is moving fast into the digital age. Across the continent, a new generation of mobile phones, more advanced laptops and PCs are enabling more people to access the Internet. Yes, anyone now can access the internet in whatever intentions they have. This one of a kind opportunity becomes a good ground especially for businesses that go online. They can market and communicate to customers around the world using internet for almost everyone has an access to it. This is the reason why Australian businesses are now taking advantage of the different web hosting services available. And it’s in their best interest to make up their minds fast about employing one in their business to improve their business performance online.

Indeed, there are a lot of benefits that online businesses can get from this kind of set up. However, there’s one sad fact. Not all of them have the capacity to handle their website traffic. It’s for this reason that they necessitate the help of web hosting service providers to increase their processing capacity. Through their help, they can be able to improve their service and enable them to increase the number of visitors and online buyers that they can deal with.

It is also more efficient to outsource the work to others. This is something that one can do to get all the jobs done without burning a hole in the pocket. It’s no joke maintaining your own server, plus doing so requires technical skills and knowledge. Outsourcing to a web host liberates one of burdening tasks such as setting up infrastructures and other facilities that may require changing the actual set up of one’s building. And the overhead cost that can go with it is pretty much higher. So having own website may not be as profitable at all. Through outsourcing, one can actually do away with all of these. Reputable hosting providers can do all the required tasks with efficiency. There are a lot of them around if one knows where to look.

So what can you get from these providers?

Hosting providersoffers a number of services. The first one is cloud computing. It’s considered as one of the most powerful hosting service. It allows people with internet access to perform complex or difficult processing task by only using their laptops or PCs. This is possible for processes are done on a remote server connected to the internet, and the results will be displayed on the screen. Second one is colocation service. This is good for companies with own servers yet with difficulty handling support and maintenance. They can just ship their servers to many data centres found in the country. Three is dedicated server. This is offered to businesses who need to have one or more servers to run their online activities. And the last one is virtual dedicated server. This is best for those who need some processing power but not the entire server. So would you consider these in your business? Your choice can be a wise step if you want to be successful in the internet industry. It’s your call. So you better choose to take advantage of what these managed services have to offer you.

A Guide To Australian Businesses and Services

Online shopping is experiencing a rapid growth in Australia; eBay alone has reported that an item is purchased every 15 seconds via the Internet. Even with those impressive figures Australia is still several years behind the UK and US for online internet sales. The Australian Institute of National Statics published that the current national internet sales for Australia is totaling $143 billion annually. Some internet markets are experiencing huge national and international growth; their online revenues have increased by up to 40%. A growing trend that is expected to change the market is the use of mobile internet. Reports from the first quarter of 2011 show that 25% of mobile internet users are shopping online. This is a great advantage for any business prepared to change the way it markets and sells its products or services.

When a consumer uses their mobile or laptop internet on the go, 88% will use Google’s search or Google Maps to visit a business directly or order from them online. It’s becoming increasingly important for any business to appear highly in Google’s search, for the products they stock or services they provide. The way in which a business achieves this is by SEO (Search Engine Optimization); they will choose the search terms and Keywords they want to improve in Google’s search, then often use a reputable SEO company to work on the search terms on their behalf.

Many small business owners will think that SEO is just for large businesses, but that’s just not true. Consumers are searching for hairdressers to florists, mechanics to fish and chip shops. When researching the American internet market it becomes clear that American consumers are searching for products or services using Google’s search; 95% of US sales online are from businesses positioned on the first page of Google’s search for the consumers relevant search term. This is an insight into the future of the Australian internet market in the coming years. As this change in purchasing rapidly takes hold in Australia, Australian businesses will be forced to adopt internet sales and marketing strategies like SEO, or risk losing future customers and sales to businesses overseas who have a stronger internet sales strategy.

Some businesses will choose to market their business using Google’s paid listing, which is paying Google to be advertised on the first page for certain search terms. Each time the company’s website is visited via a paid advertisement the company pays Google a fee; this form of advertisement is for a business looking for a small short-term increase in profits, but will never fulfill the expectations of a long advertisement campaign. With 77% of search users choosing organic over paid listing when searching, and 67% choosing organic search when purchasing, it’s clear that the most effect way and profitable way is SEO.

SEO For Australian Businesses and Services

The rise of technology has paved the way for more convenient marketing strategies for many businesses. However, it has also opened the door to a more competitive world. There is now a growing number of agencies promising businesses more brand recognition and an increase in sales in the digital world. Of course, many entrepreneurs partake in these services as it is undeniable that the internet has become part and parcel of people’s everyday lives. SEO is now one of the investments of companies when it comes to digital marketing. However, how do you know which SEO agencies are offering actual positive results for your business? For starting and small businesses in Australia, there’s no need to struggle in finding the right SEO agency to help you with your needs. Low Cost SEO Plans can give you SEO services in Sydney that drive traffic and results. Here are some of the techniques that we incorporate into our affordable and effective SEO plans:

Selection of Keywords

It’s crucial to select keywords that are relevant to your business. However, they should also be high-ranking and searched by many users. These keywords will then be placed into the title, the meta descriptions and the content itself of your pages. We ensure to find and use the right keywords for your business and incorporate them into your content so that they reach your target market.

Page Optimisation

Have you ever wondered how information shown on search engine results is formed and what they are called? These are called meta descriptions and they are one of the most essential parts of your site that need optimisation. They give both the search engine and the users a short but informative summary of what your business is about or what that specific page from your website is all about. Meta descriptions also have an ideal number of characters. If you exceed the recommended, your text will be incomplete and show ellipses which may discourage users.

Article Writing

The phrase “content is King” is very common in SEO. There’s a reason for this and it’s because the content is what makes your page rank on Google. At Low Cost, we utilise the right words for advertisements and campaigns to ensure it ranks and it gives all the information your customers need. Aside from product descriptions, content also applies to articles, blogs, pictures and even videos.

Social Media

You may not know, but Google has a lot of standards when it comes to ranking and social media is one of them. Having social media accounts and pages lets Google know if your business interacts with users and if you are a true domain authority. Furthermore, by linking your website into your social media posts, you can get more website traffic! More importantly, it’s no surprise that social media is a part of many’s routine. Thus, getting a social media page increases the chances of visibility, recognition and sales!

Local Maps

Have you ever tried searching for a keyword and then getting a map of Google with lists of locations and contact numbers of businesses? That is the product of Local Maps SEO. At Low Cost, we can list your business at Google Maps to increase its visibility and become recognised more in your local area!

Hybrid Strategies

Of course, using merely one technique in SEO won’t give you faster and better results. If you want to gain an advantage over your competitors and increase your traffics, sales and brand visibility, you will need the combined power of all the techniques we’ve mentioned. Fortunately for you, that is exactly what we at Low Cost will give to your business.